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Multiblue Dongle BT-300KMS

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This is a USB Bluetooth dongle that enables your existing computer keyboard and mouse to use on your device such as a smartphone or tablet. User can easily switch from their keyboard and mice on a pc to their smartphone or tablet using a hot key. This brilliant device also supports multi paring. Up to four Bluetooth devices can be controlled simultaneously with one dongle .It means that you don't need to buy another dongle in addition for use other devices. You can also copy texts from pc screen and paste them to your smartphone or tablet with the familiar method of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. MultiBlue Dongle is installed automatically by embedded software in the dongle without any driver CD. Only initial pairing is needed. To further add, It's especially useful at workplace. You don't need to grab a phone when you receive a phone message. Just leave the phone on a cradle and use your existing pc keyboard and mouse to reply to your phone message. Moreover, no one knows that you are chatting on smartphone with your friends or family while working. As you may know, typing on smartphone or tablet is really cumbersome. Typing error and slow typing speed often make us annoyed. For this reason, many people use a Bluetooth keyboard. However, it's heavy and cumbersome to carry and expensive. Frequent charging is needed and it only supports one to one pairing. In addition, desk space would be small if you use additional keyboard besides your existing pc keyboard. MultiBlue Dongle can solve these problems completely. Just plug the dongle into USB port of any PC and you can work or enjoy on your smart device using your existing, full-size computer keyboard and mouse.